CK-12 July 2009 Newsletter

Written by Emily Wenner on July 21, 2009

Newsletter July 2009
Greetings CK-12 Community!In this issue:

California Digital Textbooks Initiative
Introduction to CK-12 Content Manager Gary Clarke
Interview with Juli Weiss and Annamaria Farbizio, CK-12 Science and Math Editors
Update on Support and Twitter

California Digital Textbooks Initiative

If you live in California, you have probably noticed that digital textbooks are in the news lately. Governor Schwarzenegger issued a call to educators and publishers to submit standards-aligned textbooks in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math

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The Magic Wand

Written by Neeru Khosla on June 15, 2009

Have we all not once or twice in our lives wished for a magic wand?  Well here it is.

It boggles the mind when I think about the fact that someone is responsible for distributing $140 Billion for education. BILLIONS. That kind of money should be able to change our lives.  Many countries could change the lives of their citizens if they had access to a fraction of that money.  How did we get to this?

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was

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Digital Textbooks for CA

Written by Neeru Khosla on June 5, 2009

Dear CK-12 Community members

San Francisco Chronicle did an front page article about their response to Governor Schwarzenegger call for digital textbooks for high schools.  Here is our response for this article.

Jill Tucker’s article, “Free Digital Book Plan Costly, Educators Say,” unfortunately fails to represent both sides of the issue related to California’s initiative to “identify free downloadable, digital textbooks that align with state academic standards.” Critics who say that savings from the use of digital textbooks are lost to technology

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California’s Bold Step

Written by Neeru Khosla on May 27, 2009

Have you heard the news? Governor Schwarzenegger announced that he wants to explore digital free and online accessible textbooks that are standards aligned.  These books will be in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Keeping inline with the spirit of the state, there are various opinions about this.  I hope we can have a fair and open dialogue about this important issue. As you can well imagine, we are very excited about this development.  Now, we Californians are thinking out

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Thirteen Year Itch

Written by Neeru Khosla on April 13, 2009

Have you heard about an important concept – the thirteen year itch?  It seems like we never give a concept enough play time.  We tend to judge anything tried in schools a success or a failure quickly; particularly if it does not match our own perception of right ways to teach.  Many reforms or ideas are tried for around three or so years before educators as well as parents starts pinpointing what does not work.  Very rarely do we hear

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What makes a teenager a teenager?

Written by Neeru Khosla on February 22, 2009

Last week I was at a meeting at a well known university.  The focus was technology and how it is impacting students and the educational system. To prove their point a panel of teenagers was show cased.  This panel consisted of both males and females.  So here are some of things that the teenagers had to say about themselves and their peers:

Most teenagers have some or many of the common “tech toys” – computer, iPhone, cell phone, iPod, etc.

They use

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Choices, choices, choices, and choices…………………

Written by Neeru Khosla on February 9, 2009

Is having many choices a good thing?

Lately this question about content for K-12 has been popping up very frequently in my mind.  In my role at CK-12, I meet with teachers and administrators, attend education conferences, and work with other non-profit people who are all working towards improving education.  I have heard from teachers who are looking for ways to pass on their self-made supplemental materials, or from administrators who are frustrated with the amount of funds that states are

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Looking forward to a new dawn

Written by Neeru Khosla on January 15, 2009

As CK-12 starts its third year, the world around us is changing in many ways – yet we at CK-12 continue to think about how to level the playing field by giving access to information for all students in K-12 area.

2008 will be remembered in history for many things that changed the way we think about our lives. Let’s run through some of the more notable ones.

We made great strides in making it possible to have access to resources

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What can I do?

Written by Neeru Khosla on October 3, 2008

Have you ever wondered why so many people believe that the open source software movement is a good thing?

There is a common belief that the wisdom of the crowds is right because many more people have a say in it and more eyes are watching what is being said. It is the collective vs. what one person believes, and that people are willing to provide their wisdom in an open and free platform.

But does it work well outside of

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What’s in a back pack?

Written by Neeru Khosla on September 2, 2008

It is that time of year where our nations school children are preparing their back packs ready to head back to start their new academic year. The contents of these bags has definitely evolved over years, considering now the average student’s back pack will contain more technology than NASA had to take Apollo to the moon.

But one thing that has stayed constant is the good old fashioned text book. While it requires no batteries or boot up time,

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