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Written by CK-12 Foundation on July 12, 2012

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CK-12 March 2012 Newsletter

Written by CK-12 Foundation on April 11, 2012

CK-12 Foundation is introducing the next generation FlexBooks system in June. In addition to the current FlexBooks functionality, the new system introduces learning in the form of concepts. Concepts are small units of content that can be used to learn or review a particular topic.Click here to read the full newsletter.

CK-12 February 2012 Newsletter

Written by CK-12 Foundation on March 1, 2012

CK-12 is excited to announce that in February, we reached 1,000,000 books downloaded! The downloads include books of all titles and across many different formats: PDF, Kindle, iPad, NOOK and more. The momentum is definitely building as educational institutions and individual learners search for high-quality and open solutions to their content needs. Click here to read the full newsletter.

CK-12 January 2012 Newsletter

Written by CK-12 Foundation on February 4, 2012

CK-12 and OER on the Rise in 2012

Happy New Year! 2012 promises to be a big year for CK-12 Foundation and the OER movement. Momentum has already begun to build. In a recent press release the state of Utah announced its intentions to develop and support open textbooks, with math and science titles based on CK-12 content. The Washington State Legislature is considering an OER bill. Recent testimony from Reuven Carlyle, State Representative of the

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CK-12 July 2009 Newsletter

Written by Emily Wenner on July 21, 2009

Newsletter July 2009
Greetings CK-12 Community!In this issue:

California Digital Textbooks Initiative
Introduction to CK-12 Content Manager Gary Clarke
Interview with Juli Weiss and Annamaria Farbizio, CK-12 Science and Math Editors
Update on Support and Twitter

California Digital Textbooks Initiative

If you live in California, you have probably noticed that digital textbooks are in the news lately. Governor Schwarzenegger issued a call to educators and publishers to submit standards-aligned textbooks in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math

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