should have equal access to great education
For free.
For free.
We, at CK-12, believe every child on this planet
should have equal access to great education
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The latest from CK-12

Simulations, PLIX, and Adaptive Practice

We’re raising the bar with interactive learning activities and practice that adapts to individual student performance.


Classes and Study Groups

Teachers assign concepts to students and track their performance in CK-12 classes. Students share CK-12 resources in our study groups.


Concept-based Learning.

Content is broken down and presented in multiple modalities to fit different learning styles.

CK-12 on all devices.

Access CK-12 on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.


Concept Collections.

FlexBook® textbooks are deconstructed into bite-sized chunks of information.


Teacher Editions.

FlexBook® textbooks are extended with workbooks, quizzes, and tests with corresponding answer keys.
Access CK-12 anytime and on-the-go.


FlexBook® Textbooks Launch.

CK-12 launches fully customizable Math and Science textbooks that are free for the world to download or view online.


CK-12 was born.

A small, yet talented group of people vow to make receiving a great education accessible to all.