CK-12 has mobilized a community of partners as well as friends who have very graciously contributed their expertise as well as their materials in areas of Education, Content, Technology, or Design and UI. We would like to thank all of them for their continued support.


Anoka-Hennepin School District CK-12 Probablity&Statistics
Anoka-Hennepin, the largest school district in Minnesota, used CK-12 to develop a Probability & Statistics textbook that saved the district $175,000. Read full case study here.


Arizona State University The Department of Engineering at the ASU Polytechnic campus, along with some of the professors from the Education Department, began collaborating with CK-12 in the summer of 2007. Their goal was to develop an engineering text for high school students based on standards from their Engineering Society.


California Charter School Association The California Charter Schools Association is a professional organization serving public charter schools.
The Association’s mission is to lead the public charter school movement in California, in order to increase the number of students attending high-quality, charter schools. The CK-12 Foundation began partnering with the Association in 2009, and the pilot program used Geometry and Biology FlexBooks in the classroom. The goal of this partnership was to not only enhance the delivery of innovative academic content, but to also and receive feedback from teachers and students for the purpose of improving and further developing the FlexBooks.


High Tech High High Tech High began in 2000 as a single charter high school launched, by a coalition of San Diego business leaders and educators. HTH has been a supporter of CK-12 from the very inception of the organization. Math teachers have stepped forward to contribute their expertise. In addition, HTH leaders have offered their expertise as we continue to move forward.


Leadership Public Schools Leadership Public Schools is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002. Their mission is to serve a diverse student body throughout the Bay Area. LPS is led by Dr. Louise Bay Waters and supported by a board of directors and advisory board comprised of experienced educators, business people, and community leaders. The LP schools serve ethnically and economically diverse student bodies and are
located in or near low-income urban neighborhoods. LPS’ vision is that all students – regardless of background, ethnicity, or neighborhood – receive an excellent education that prepares them to succeed in college and better their community.


Riverside Unified School District RUSD and CK-12 have recent collaborated in the Governor’s Free Digital Textbook Initiative. CK-12 was the main contributor to the resources and was also approved as supplemental resources for RUSD.
Last year, 25 teachers and 2000 students participated in RUSD’s pilot. Students across the district downloaded and used 16 of CK-12′s flexbooks. The pilot will soon be expanded to include even more teachers and students. RUSD will be piloting the CK-12 Algebra 1 resources at several middle schools this year.

San Jose State University

San Jose State University – College of Science San Jose State University began a collaboration with CK12 in December 2008. Currently, it is a 3-year project entitled “Integrative Climate Change Education for Sustainability.” The project will unite faculty SJSU Colleges of Science, Education and Social Science with teachers and administrators in three local school districts. It will also develop three learning modules that incorporate California science and
mathematics standards for 6th grade. Modules to include: 1) Earth’s Changing Climate, 2) Climate Change and Biodiversity, and 3) Earth’s Resources. Through our partnership with CK-12, the modules and accompanying simulations will be offered to school districts through their open source digital FlexBooks.


Stanford University The Stanford University School of Education and CK-12 share a commitment to improving student learning and increasing access to knowledge. The School of Education recently adopted a policy
requiring its faculty members to make their scholarly articles available online for free to the public.


Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit, charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content. It also seeks to provide this content to all of its wiki-based projects to the public free of charge.



NASA Langley Research Center NASA Langley Research Center continues to forge new frontiers in aviation and space research for aerospace, atmospheric sciences, and technology commercialization in order to improve the way we live. Langley’s education program goals use innovative collaboration, partnerships, and technology to change K-20 STEM education, to improve U.S. competitiveness, and overall to develop the 21st century
STEM workforce.


Encyclopedia of Life Encyclopedia of Life is an unprecedented global partnership between the scientific community and the general public to provide free, global access to knowledge about life on Earth. Anybody can register as an EOL member. Through this membership, they can use EOL as a reference or they can even participate by adding text, images, or videos to EOL pages. Expert curators ensure quality of the core EOL collection by authenticating materials submitted by vetted content partners and individual contributors. EOL’s education site is available at


KQED serves the people of Northern California with a community-supported alternative to commercial media, providing citizens with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions; convening community dialogue; bringing the arts to everyone; and engaging audiences to share their stories. KQED takes people of all ages on journeys of exploration—exposing them to new people, places and ideas. KQED is a not-for-profit corporation operating one of the most-listened-to public radio stations in the nation as well as one of the most-watched public television stations in the country. KQED owns and operates public television stations KQED-TV/DT Channel 9 (San Francisco), KQEH-TV/DT Channel 54 (San Jose), and KQET-TV-DT Channel 25 (Watsonville/Monterey); KQED Public Radio (88.5 FM San Francisco and 89.3 FM Sacramento); the interactive platforms and; and KQED Education, which helps students and teachers thrive in 21st century classrooms by providing multimedia resources and training. KQED’s digital television channels include KQED 9, KQED Plus, KQED Life, KQED World, KQED Kids and KQED V-me, and are available 24/7 over the air and on Comcast.


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