Can I recoup the cost of printing a FlexBook from my students?

Written by antony.robinson on December 3, 2012
You may make a hard copy available to a student and recoup the cost of printing the book, as long as your student knows :

  • they may obtain a free version of the book online (on the CK-12 website),
  • the copying costs are nominal
  • the book is used for educational purposes
  • there is no profit motivation
  • the book will be used in accordance with the other provisions of our license
A learning institution or individual may print a small amount of copies (less than 1000 copies), in order to distribute to their students.  We extend this courtesy to our users and our only requirement is this:  Please email and advise us of the following:

  • Who are you?
  • What learning institution do you represent?
  • How may we contact, if needed?
  • How many copies do you wish to print, of which book?
  • How will he material be used?
  • What price do you intend to charge for these books?

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