Can I use material from the web (i.e multimedia) to create a FlexBook® textbook?

Written by felix on June 27, 2012
  • Yes! There are several ways to add web-based images, multimedia, and links to other materials, assuming our licenses are compatible (See: This means, if the source of the content you wish to add to your textbook allows for you to use their content on our site, or link to their content, then you may do so. If they prohibit it, then you may not.
  • You can easily embed images from the web (or your computer) into your CK-12 FlexBook® textbook by using the “insert/edit image” icon in the editor. We currently support jpeg, png, gif, and bmp files.
  • You can further enrich your book by embedding multimedia (simulations, videos, java applets and animations) into your textbook by using the “insert/edit media” icon in the editor.
  • You may insert links to external sites in your CK-12 textbook by using the “insert/edit links” icon in the editor (To do so, highlight the text which is relevant to the link you want to connect to. Once highlighted, click the “insert/edit link” icon and complete the information in the text box).

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