Collaborating on a Flexbook

Written by felix on April 30, 2013

There are a few suggested ways for collaborating.

1) You can create concepts using Google docs and then upload these docs into our system and into your book. Google docs has built in collaboration features that will easily allow multiple users to work on a single document. You can also use a Microsoft word document, if working offline.

** Our editor only supports a limited subset of both Google docs and Microsoft word formatting features, so you may need to make adjustments using our editor after uploading to get the desired formatting.

2) Teachers could work under a single account. This method does not allow multiple editors to work on a concept at the same time, because modifications would be overwritten by each other. You could divide the workload so that each teacher is working on a separate chapter, then you will not have to worry about overwriting each others work.

** As long as teachers are not working on the same concept this method will work fine.

3) Everyone has their own accounts and they work on separate parts of the book. When complete you can send the link to the resource to the one person who organizes the entire collection.

One thing to note is that every time you save a change to a resource, a new revision is made. So if teachers are working in their own accounts and sharing links to their work, they will have to send a new link every time they make changes. This is where working under a single account would be easier to manage not having to worry about using the most up to date resource.

You can create a group which will allow you to easily share resources between, collaborators. The link below has instructions from our FAQ:

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