How do I add Sections (concepts) to my chapter?

Written by felix on December 3, 2012

Here are the steps for adding a concept to your chapter:

  •  This assumes you already have concepts that you want to combine into a chapter. Please see our tutorial video on how to create a concept.
  • Click “edit”, from the table of contents.
  • Create a new chapter or click on the green arrow next to the chapter title to expand an existing chapter.
  •  Drag concepts into the chapter using the rearrange icon ( 3 horizontal lines).
  • Save your work.
  • Chapters are like buckets that you can use to group related concepts into. A chapter will have a green arrow to the left fo the chapter’s numbered order.
  • Concepts are where the main content of the chapter will go, think of them like the subchapter when in the context of a chapter. They can be grouped together under a chapter, or standalone within a flexbook.
  • When in doubt, create a concept. If you find that you have several relating concepts it may be helpful to group them under a chapter.

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