How do I add students to my class?

Written by felix on February 22, 2013

Here are the steps for adding a student to your class:

  •  Under “My Classes” select the class with the desired student in it.
  • Click on Roster
  • Enter a “Last name”, “First name”, “Username” (optional), and a “Password”
  • Click on Create student.



  • NOTE: By using this method, students do not need to use an email address. If they have created accounts on their own, they will use the “Class Code” to join your class.

You have now created an account for your student, that they will use to access braingenie. If you need to reset a student password, return to the “Roster” click edit student and type in a new password and save changes.

  • This will reset that students password to what you have set it to, however you will always see instead of the actual password for security purposes.
  • You can reset the password as many times as necessary.

If your students created accounts on their own, they will join your class using the “Class Code”. After the student logs in, they will click the “Join a class” button and enter the class code. They are now enrolled in your class. You can also reset their password using the steps above.

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