How do I create a FlexBook® textbook?

Written by CK-12 Foundation on July 18, 2012

First sign into your account. If you do not have an account you can create one here: sign up.

Create a book from an existing title the CK-12 repository:

  • Find the  FlexBook you like by searching for a title or browsing our subjects.
  • In the “Table of Contents” area for the book you have the option to “Make a Copy” or “Add to FlexBook”.
    • Add to FlexBook - Will add all the chapters of this book to an existing book of your choice in “My Content”.
    • Make a Copy - Will create a copy of the book that you can customize.

Create a book from scratch:

  • First you will want to navigate over to the “My Content” section of your dashboard, by clicking on the “My Content” tab.
  • Next click on the blue “Create New” button on the left hand side to pull down the drop box.
  • Chose “FlexBook” from the list of options.

  • You will be taken to the book’s “Table of Contents” where you can set the title of the book, change the cover image, and begin to add new content.
  • Under the “Add Content” area you will find the following options:
    • From Library -  Here you can search for content to add to your book.
    • Use Our Writer -  Create a concept using our editor.
    • More
      • New Chapter - Create a chapter with (description, Introduction, and Summary).
      • Word File - Upload content from a word file (.docx )
      • Google Doc - Upload content from a Google doc

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