How do I create goals for my class?

Written by felix on February 22, 2013
  • Click on your class under “MY CLASSES”, and then click on the “New Goal” button.
  • After you select ‘New Goal’:
    • Select a course (1-8 Math, BrainMath, ….).
    • Below the course you will see a list of subjects, and All ‘course name you selected’ is the default which will display a table of subjects to the right.
    • To add skills you can click a subject in the first column of the table, or chose a subject from the subject list to the left.
    • On these screens you should see the green plus sign where you can add all skills to your goal.
    • Or expand the topic and choose individual skills.



  • Skills are automatically ordered by the Course -> Subject -> Unit -> Skill, following the same order that they appear in the “Learning Zone”. You can see the order if you go to your class and click on the Goal, the chart will show the skills in the same order it appears for students.
  • Also, the goals are ordered by due date.

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