How does a student log in to complete goal?

Written by felix on February 25, 2013
  • If you have enrolled students using the roster method.Your students will use the username that appears under the student’s information in your class roster section, and the password that you set for them when you created their accounts. This method automatically enrolls the student in your class.
  • If your students created accounts on their own, they will join your class using the “Class Code”. After the student logs in, they will click the “Join a class” button and enter the class code. They are now enrolled in your class.
  • Here is an article that outlines these two steps:
  • There is not really a supported way to print a roster with usernames and passwords, as we do not show the actual password. The best way to keep track is to create a roster using a csv. You will create three columns for last name, first name, and password that you upload to braingenie. This way you can refer to the spreadsheet if your students forget their passwords.


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