In a nutshell, what are the new features of the FlexBook Platform® 2.0?

Written by felix on June 27, 2012
  • Content formatted into concepts, smaller bites of information
  • A concept map for self-directed or educator-directed sequencing of concepts
  • Automatically generated eReader formats for distribution (formats for Kindle, iPad, NOOK and other Android devices)
  • Improved content layout for PDFs, HTML, and ePub formats
  • Ability to import documents directly from Microsoft Word and Google Docs
  • Interactive exercises in context with concepts
  • Support for attachments, annotations and highlighting
  • Improved editing – section based edits for improved performance
  • Sleek, clean user interface (UI)
  • Exercise Generator and downloadable worksheets
  • Account sign-in via Google, Facebook and Twitter
  • Document versioning – we now support easier creation of specific editions of a work to be shared or saved for reference.

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