What are groups? How do I use them?

Written by felix on February 22, 2013
  • The group option allows you to easily share resources with members of your group. When you share a resource with your group they will receive an email notification with a link to that resource.
  • The groups feature does not allow you to view the progress of your students.

To create a group:

  • Under the profile menu click on “My Groups”
  • Click “Create Group”
  • Enter a Group name and a group description
  • Click Create.

So others can join your group:

Instructions that you can send to others:

  •  Create an account or sign in to CK12.org
  •  In the menu that appears when you mouse over your name, click on “My Groups”
  • Click the join group button and enter the group name “<Your Group Name>” and the access code “<Your Group Code>”
  • Once you click the “Join” button, the group should now appear in your list of groups.

Sharing content with group members:

  • To share content with your group members, you will have to click on the groups icon (two heads) and choose the group(s) you want to share with.
  • The groups icon will be under the “Share” section, along with the twitter, facebook, and email icons.

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