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Algebraic Functions

Identify functions using coordinate pairs

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Algebraic Functions

Algebraic Functions

  1. If something is a function, it means that for every input, there is only one _______.
  2. The vertical line test allows you to test whether or not something is a function because __________.
  3. The following graph _______ a function. 
  4. The following graph _______ a function.
  5. If the graph in problem 4 was rotated 90 degrees, it _____ be a function. 
  6. In a relation, there can be _____ output for a given input.
  7. The picture in problem 3 ___ a function.
  8. The horizontal line test ____ an effective test for a function because __________.
  9. This __ a function.
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Watch this helpful video on functions and relations:

CK-12 Foundation: Relations and Functions

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