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Mixed Numbers in Applications

Change mixed numbers to improper fractions. Add if both fractions are positive or both are negative, subtract if the signs are different.

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Dinner for One

After you graduate and leave home, how will you feed yourself? Some young, single people eat at restaurants for every meal. Restaurant food is expensive and contains more salt, sugar, and fat than a home-cooked meal. Some singles subsist off of frozen dinners, but these are also expensive, especially when you’re starting out by yourself. If you want to balance your budget as a young adult, you’ll have to cook from scratch. Unfortunately, when you live alone, cooking from scratch isn’t easy.

Quartering the Recipe

Most recipes are written for four to eight diners. If you want to cook for one, you have several ways to deal with these excessive amounts of food. Some singles simply cook one portion of an eight-portion recipe. This means that they use  of every ingredient listed. They therefore find themselves in situations in which they need to convert cups into tablespoons and figure out how to measure  of a teaspoon of salt. Other people simply cook a full recipe one night of the week and then eat it for four days straight. This method only works if you enjoy leftovers.

Finally, some singles plan ahead. Once a month, they go to the grocery store and buy enough food for several recipes. They spend a day cooking. Then they freeze the food in individual portions. They now have a month’s worth of healthy lunches and dinners, and they won’t have to cook again for weeks. Most working adults don’t stick with one technique. Instead, they combine eating out, portioning recipes, consuming frozen dinners, and cooking from scratch to create meal plans that fit their schedules and budgets.

See for yourself: http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/food/recipes/freezer-oven-entrees/

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