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Understand slope as the steepness of a line.

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Knowing how to find the slope of a line or between two points is a very major part of line graphs. Slopes are basically defining the steepness of a line between two points. It is expressed in the equation below.


In simpler terms, it can also be expressed in the following way:


If we were asked to find the slope of a ladder, all we have to find it the height of it from the ground and also the distance horizontally. Then after that, we just but the vertical height over the horizontal height, which results in the slope of the ladder.

Another slope we are commonly asked for in algebra are slopes in line graphs. In line graphs, if we are trying to find the slope of a line between two lines, we just first find the two points that are on the edges of the line. Then, we put those coordinates into the formula below.


What this means is that with our two coordinates, we first pick any of the two and get the Y coordinate of it and then with that, we subtract the remainding Y coordinate from the other set of pair. We do the same thing with the X coordinates which ends up solving the formula above, with the slope as the answer.

For some practice problems and examples, you can visit this page here.

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