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Solving Real-World Problems Using Multi-Step Equations

Translate words into algebraic equations and solve.

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Practice Solving Real-World Problems Using Multi-Step Equations
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Solving Real World Problems Using Multi-Step Equations

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Mastering this technique allows us to solve many more real life problems. For example, like the problem below, we are trying to find the speed in a distance equation. We are given the speed and distance, but we are trying to find the time. Since we know that Distance = Speed * Time, we are able to easily position the data given into the formula equation.

Given that the distance = 93, speed = (2x-10), and time = 1.5, find the speed the car was driving at.

We have to solve for x.


We can distribute this equation.


Further simplify by adding 60 to both sides.




For some practice problems and examples, you can visit this page here.

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