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Solving Real-World Problems Using Multi-Step Equations

Translate words into algebraic equations and solve.

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Solving Real World Problems Using Multi-Step Equations

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Mastering this technique allows us to solve many more real life problems. For example, like the problem below, we are trying to find the speed in a distance equation. We are given the speed and distance, but we are trying to find the time. Since we know that Distance = Speed * Time, we are able to easily position the data given into the formula equation.

Given that the distance = 93, speed = (2x-10), and time = 1.5, find the speed the car was driving at.

We have to solve for \begin{align*}x\end{align*}.

\begin{align*}186 = (4x - 20) \times (3) \end{align*}

We can distribute this equation.

\begin{align*}186 = 12x - 60\end{align*}

Further simplify by adding 60 to both sides.

\begin{align*}60 + 186 = 12x - 60 + 60\end{align*}

\begin{align*}246 = 12x\end{align*}

\begin{align*}x = 20.5\end{align*}

For some practice problems and examples, you can visit this page here.

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