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Transformations of Quadratic Functions

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Transformations and Vertex Form of Quadratic Functions
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Word Definitiom
_________________ shifting left and right; change in the x-coordinate
Transformation _____________________________________________________________
Vertical Reflection _____________________________________________________________
Vertical Stretch _____________________________________________________________
_________________ shifting up and down; change in the y-coordinate


What is the equation of the parent graph of quadratic functions? ____________________

To change the appearance of this graph, you use transformations. Transformations strech, compress, shift, or reflect the graph. 


For the following graphs, describe the transformations of y=x^2.


Click here for answers.


Vertex Form

Vertex form of a parabola is:   y=a(x-h)^2+k

Describe what each variable does:

  • a: __________________________________________
  • h__________________________________________
  • k__________________________________________

What happens if a is negative? __________________________________________


Graph the following quadratic functions and identify the transformations.

  1. y=-2(x+3)^2+7
  2. y=-\frac{1}{2}(x+6)^2+9
  3. y=\frac{1}{3}(x-4)^2

Click here for answers.

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