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Vertical Line Test

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Hospital Monitor
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Real World Applications – Algebra I


Do hospital monitors represent Algebra?

Student Exploration

  1. Have you seen hospital monitors? Below is an example of one. Research what some of these colored graphs represent.
  2. What is a function? How are functions represented on a graph? What is the vertical line test and how is it used?
  3. Does the graph of a hospital monitor pass the vertical line test? What does this mean about the different graphs on the monitor?
  4. Would it be possible for one of these colored graphs to not represent a function? What would that look like on the hospital monitor? What would that mean about the patient? Is this realistic? Why or why not?

Extension Investigation

  1. Research specifically what the graphs of some of these colored lines represent. Why would they only reach a certain point on the monitor? What would that mean for the patient? What are some of the trends in the data?

Resources Cited

Image: http://outsidemyfrontdoor.blogspot.com/2009/01/things-found-in-hospital.html

Connections to other CK-12 Subject Areas

  • Algebra I (Trends in Data)

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