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Relations and Functions

Comparison of two or more sets of values, and cases where input corresponds with exactly one output.

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Practice Relations and Functions
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Relations and Functions

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Relations and Functions


Fill in the definitions.

Word Definition
Relation _______________________________________________________
Function _______________________________________________________

In your own words, describe the difference between a relation and a function.

What are the requirements for a relation to be a function?


Determine if each relation is a function and explain why:

Representation Example

Is it a function?


Set of ordered pairs (1,3), (2,4), (3,3), (4,19) (a subset of the ordered pairs for this function)
Equation y=7x4

Answer the following questions:

  1. Can a function definition be written in the form x=3y instead of y=3x ?
  2. Is it mandatory for a function to have both an input and an output?
  3. Give an example of a relation that is not a function, and explain why it is not a function.

Determine if each relation is a function:

1) (1,7)(0,2)(0,4)(1,8)(2,13)

2) x=|y|




For answers click here.

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