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Multiplication of Rational Numbers

Multiply fractions: multiply straight across

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Practice Multiplication of Rational Numbers
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Tailor Made

Have you ever looked at a pattern for a piece of clothing? Each pattern indicates how much fabric a person would need to complete the project. It gives measurements in terms of yards and fractions of a yard. If you want to produce multiple garments from one pattern, you need to be able to multiply rational numbers. If you want to create a custom fit, you’ll need to do even more complicated calculations. A tailor who understands fractions can save fabric and money by using the minimum amount of fabric needed for a given job.

Altering Reality

A good tailor doesn’t just stick to the pattern. People who’ve studied sewing and clothing know how to change seams, angles, and lengths to make clothes fit better. They can accurately calculate how much cloth they’ll need for a job, and they can make ready-made clothes look like they were tailor made for a certain person. People come in all different shapes and sizes, yet the clothing selection in most stores seems geared to the “ideal body.” Someone who learns to sew and make clothing can create beautiful outfits for people of all body types.

Most people who know how to sew or alter clothing learned their skills from a friend or relative. They can practice by making clothes for themselves and their family members. As their skills improve, other people may hear about their talent, enabling them to turn their hobby into a part-time job. Aspiring fashion designers usually attend college at a school with a fine arts program and then intern with established designers. Eventually, they’re ready to work on their own!

See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoRTwWEirrI

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