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Order of Real Numbers

Subsets of real number system. Simplify numbers before classifying

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Real Numbers
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Real World Applications – Algebra I


Where do we see real numbers?

Student Exploration

In this activity, we’re going to investigate how and where we see real numbers in everyday life. In this concept, you categorized the set of all numbers. All numbers are either rational or irrational. Most numbers that we work with every day are real numbers. These include all of the money that’s in your wallet, the statistics you see in sports, or the measurements we see in cookbooks. All of these numbers can be represented as a fraction (whether we like it or not).

Try looking up some pictures of where you see rational numbers. If they’re not represented as a fraction already, try turning this into a fraction. What’s the easiest way to turn a whole number into a fraction?

The next subset of rational numbers is integers. These are both positive and negative whole numbers. We see integers in golf scores, on maps (especially when looking at elevation), or even the amount of whole dollars in our bank account! Try looking online for pictures of where you see some negative integers. Where would you see integers around you?

The subset of numbers within integers is whole numbers. These are numbers that we’re most used to working with, including zero. We see whole numbers on nutrition labels, or signs on the highway telling us how many miles are to the next exit/city. Try looking online for pictures of where you see whole numbers. Try looking for numbers that include zero. Where would you see these numbers around you?

The last subset of numbers is counting numbers. These are the easiest to work with! Where WOULDN’T you see these numbers?

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