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Percent of Change

%change=[(final amount-original amount)/original amount] x 100%

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Kanye Shoes
teacher Contributed

Real World Applications – Algebra I


How much would people pay for Kanye West’s line of shoes?

Student Exploration

In June of 2012, rapper Kanye West came out with a line of shoes through shoe boutique, Outside Burn Rubber. These limited edition shoes were initially selling for $245.

  1. Fans of Kanye West are willing to purchase these shoes 400% more than what they were selling for. How much are they willing to pay?
    1. Why do you think people would be willing to pay this amount for these shoes?
  2. If it costs Nike approximately $5 to make a pair of shoes, what is the percent change that these shoes are selling for?
    1. How does this explain Nike’s profit?

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