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Properties of Rational Numbers

Rational numbers are real numbers that can be written in the form of a fraction. Use these exercises to determine properties of rational numbers.

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Kim Kardashian's Wedding
Teacher Contributed

Real World Applications – Algebra I


Representing Kim Kardashian’s irrational wedding into a rational number

Student Exploration

In 2011, reality television star Kim Kardashian and basketball player Kris Humphries got married. After their very short-lived marriage, Kim decided to donate twice the value of all of her wedding gifts to charity. All of the wedding gifts’ worth was estimated at $100,000, so she donated $200,000 to the Dream Foundation. We can write a rational fraction to represent the amount she donated to her net worth. Looking at the link given below, her net worth is approximately $35 million. Let’s write this as a rational number and simplify.


This represents a proper fraction, and represents the fraction of the money that was given in relation to how much she is worth. She donated one one-hundred-seventy-fifth of her net worth to charity.

Extension Investigation

Do you think this is fair? Do you feel that she should have donated more or less money to charity, based on your knowledge of this celebrity?

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