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Invertebrate Classification

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Blood From A Stone
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Getting Blood From A Stone



Why It Matters

Do Stones Bleed?

Do stones bleed? Well, no, but there is an organism in Chile that gives that impression. Watch this:

The animal is Pyura chilensis a type of tunicate (Phylum: Chordata; subphylum: Tunicata formerly Urochordata). Look here to find out more about this organism

Tunicates are unique in being able to change the direction of their blood flow.

Explore More

If you need help scratching a mental itch, use the resources below:

  1. Where do tunicates live?
  2. How do tunicates protect themselves from predators?
  3. When would asexual reproduction be advantageous to tunicates?
  4. Are tunicates hermaphroditic throughout their life span? Explain your answer fully. How do you think this situation affects the reproductive output of tunicate populations? Can you see an advantage in this life history strategy?
  5. How does a tunicate heart differ from a human heart?

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