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DNA Structure and Replication

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Structural Genes
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Structural Genes

Other important discoveries about DNA were made in the mid 1900’s by Ewin Chargraff. The nitrogen bases of DNA were about Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, Thymine. The shape of the DNA is a double helix.

Think about DNA as a ladder. The two rungs of the ladder cannot stand without the connections between them. These rungs are custom fit, and only 4 types can fit.

This is similar to the structure of DNA. The rungs holding the sides together were Adenine Thymine Cytosine Guanine holding the sides together. Adenine can only bond with Thymine. Guanine can’t bond with Cytosine.

Creative Application:

What four letter group would bond with ATGC?

What are the four letter group that would bond with CTGA

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