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Digestion begins by breaking down food with the structures in the mouth and stomach.

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    Digestion in our body

    Digestion in our body

    by shriecharan //basic
    Digestion Digestion is an important system. And we have to help it in some ways. One way is to chew properly if you just swallowed a whole lot the stomach has to do all the work. Number two don’t eat too much because the stomach can only process a little bit. if your are a person that too much then eat slowly have a break and then eat again. How food digests. Step 1 into your mouth chewing and grinding it properly. Step 2 into you esophagus a muscle that is pushing down the food. Step 3 goes into your stomach and grinds the food even more given out acid that help the digestive process. Step 4 goes into liver a comes out a green liquid called bile. Step 5 into your small intestine and gets mixed up with the bile. Step 6 in large intestine the food that digested is stored and dispersed. Step 7 into your anus. Choking Hazard If you are chewing and speaking at the mean time you might start to choke because it can stuck in your airway. Sources : google images .
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