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Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues of Biotechnology

Scientists who work with DNA technologies must be conscious of their impact beyond the benchtop.

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Excuse Me Waiter, I Ordered The Halibut
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Excuse Me Waiter, I Ordered The Halibut!

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Something Fishy

Molecular biological techniques are impacting our lives in many ways. One of these ways is in monitoring our food supply to see if people are being honest about the food they provide. Look here to find out more about the issues involved

This problem, which may seem minor to some, can have profound effects on people and ecosystem management.

Go here to can find out more here about the prevalence of mislabeling in different areas of the United States, as well as health and ecosystem concerns.

Washington State http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=141603845

Southern California http://oceana.org/en/news-media/publications/reports/widespread-seafood-fraud-found-in-los-angeles

South Florida http://oceana.org/en/news-media/publications/reports/persistent-seafood-fraud-found-in-south-florida

Extension Investigation

Use the below resources to answer the following questions

  1. How could genetic testing of seafood help manage our food supply?
  2. How can mislabeling of seafood affect people’s health?’
  3. How does mislabeling of seafood complicate ecosystem management?
  4. While the numbers differ what pattern is consistent in Southern California, South Florida and Washington as far as where the most mislabeled fish are found?

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