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A class of hexapods that possess three body segments, six legs and make up half of the living animals on earth.

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aggregate Cluster of adult insects formed during hibernation; seen in ladybugs.
cocoon A pupal casing made by moth caterpillars and other insect larvae.
compound eye Eye characteristic of insects; consists of thousands of individual photoreceptor units.
Hexapoda Arthropod subphylum; named for their distinctive thorax with three pairs of legs; includes insects.
mandible The lower jaw or jawbone in vertebrates; in insects, a pair of appendages near the insect’s mouth.
maxillae Paired structures present on the head as mouthparts; used for tasting and manipulating food.
pheromone A secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species; used by some species for communication.
pupa Life cycle stage of many insects; occurs between the larval and adult stages and during which the insect is immobile, may be encased within a cocoon, and changes into the adult form.

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