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Invertebrate Evolution

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Blinded By The Light
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Blinded By The Light

All those little dots you see are chromatophores which squids use to hide in plain sight.

No Duh's and Head Scratchers

If you need help scratching a mental itch, use the resources below:

  1. How do animals in the deep-sea use shadows to hunt? How do some animals use bioluminescence to counter this strategy?
  2. Are you surprised that light can be used to hide in the dark? Why or why not? Does your opinion change when you think of the different colors of light? Do you think this technique could be used to create invisibility on land? Why or why not?
  3. How do squids use color to counter bioluminescence? What happens from the light of the bioluminescence?
  4. Do you think squids developed their color changing ability to specifically counter biolumninescence? Why or why not? Can you think of a way to test your hypothesis?


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