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Reptile Evolution loading

Amniotic reptiles evolved from reptiles that moved onto land and developed amniotic eggs.

Concept Map

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Levels are CK-12's student achievement levels.
Basic Students matched to this level have a partial mastery of prerequisite knowledge and skills fundamental for proficient work.
At Grade (Proficient) Students matched to this level have demonstrated competency over challenging subject matter, including subject matter knowledge, application of such knowledge to real-world situations, and analytical skills appropriate to subject matter.
Advanced Students matched to this level are ready for material that requires superior performance and mastery.
  • Video
    The Evolution of Lizards

    The Evolution of Lizards

    by Stefano Scotti //at grade

    David Attenborough talks about how lizards have lost and lose their legs in different environments.

  • Real World Application
    Living Fossils

    Living Fossils

    by John Politano //at grade

    Addresses the use of the term “living fossils” pointing out that organisms change genetically if not phenotypically, thus “Living Fossil” is a misnomer. Provides another angle from which to understand natural selection.

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