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Soil and Water Resources

Proper use of the earth's freshwater is essential to ensure everyone gets enough to drink.

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How Much Water Is There?

How Much Water Does a "Water" Planet Have?

Earth has more water than any planet in the solar system...but how much water does the Earth have?

Why It Matters

Could all the water on Earth be more massive than Mt. Everest?

Many of you may have heard that water covers about 70% of the planet. But what does that really mean? Does that mean most of the planet is water? Here's a graphic of how much water it takes to cover 70% of the planet:

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  1. How much of the freshwater on Earth is frozen in glaciers and icecaps?
  2. How much of the water on Earth is contained in lakes and rivers?
  3. How much of the water on Earth is freshwater?
  4. How much water is in Earth's atmosphere?

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