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1.5: Using Clues

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Can you match a description or a clue with a picture? If you know that Mr. Rippledandy is one of the pictures below and Mr. Rippledandy has a hat, can you say who Mr. Rippledandy might be? In this Concept, we will practice using clues to identify characters.


When looking at a set of similar pictures like the faces above, we need clues to figure out which picture is correct. For each clue, see which pictures match the clue. The correct picture will be the one that matches all of the clues.

Example A

Look at the pictures below. Peter Palooka's pumpkin has a triangle nose. Which pumpkins match this clue?

You should notice that pumpkins B and C both have a triangle nose. We know that Peter Palooka’s pumpkin is not pumpkin A.

Peter’s pumpkin has a mouth. Which pumpkin is Peter Palooka’s pumpkin?

Pumpkin B must be Peter Palooka's pumpkin because pumpkin B is the only pumpkin with both a triangle nose and a mouth.

Example B

Look at the pictures below. Mr. Liketysplitity’s Umbrella has 2 circles. Which umbrellas might be Mr. Liketysplitity’s?

You should notice that umbrellas A and B have 2 circles. We know that Mr. Liketysplitity’s umbrella is not umbrella C.

Mr. Liketysplitity’s umbrella has one triangle. Which umbrella is Mr. Liketysplitity’s umbrella?

Umbrella A must be Mr. Liketysplitity’s umbrella because umbrella A is the only umbrella with both 2 circles and one triangle.

Concept Problem Revisited

Because Mr. Rippledandy has a hat, he must be Face A or Face C. If we also know that Mr. Rippledandy is wearing eyeglasses then we know that Mr. Rippledandy must be Face C.


A clue is a piece of information that helps us to solve a puzzle or mystery. When we use clues, we are using deductive reasoning.

Guided Practice

1. Mr. Bobbity’s Book has 1 snake on the cover. His book has 3 spiders on the cover. Which book is Mr. Bobbity’s book?

2. Anna’s Balloon has one dot. Her balloon has 4 stars. Which balloon is Anna’s balloon?

3. Mrs. Starglitter’s Purse has 2 stripes. Her purse has 5 squares. Which purse is Mrs. Starglitter’s purse?


1. Book A

2. Balloon B

3. Purse C


1. Mrs. Sillysue’s Mask has a yellow nose. Her mask has a green mouth. Which mask is Mrs. Sillysue's mask?

2. Jellybean's Shoes each have two eyes. Her shoes don't have teeth. Which shoes are Jellybean's shoes?

3. Mr. Candybob’s Mask has a blue tooth. His mask has a green face. Which mask is Mr. Candybob's mask?

4. Connie's painting has two stars. Her painting has two moons. Which painting is Connie's painting?

5. Edward the Elf's Shoes have blue pompoms. His shoes are purple. Which shoes are Edward the Elf's shoes?

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