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Chapter 2: CK-12 Algebra Explorations Concepts, Kindergarten

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12


In these concepts, you will continue to develop the basic concepts of algebra and will practice your problem solving skills. There are six concepts, and each one focuses on a key algebraic thinking strategy. You will focus on describing, solving, and checking your thinking.

Chapter Outline

Chapter Summary


In these concepts we used proportional reasoning when we filled glasses with straws and counted by 2s and 5s. We thought about equality and inequality when we compared weights in the teeter totter concept. We practiced deductive reasoning when figuring out the missing numbers in the number towers concept. We also practiced inductive reasoning when we looked for patterns and made predictions in the peculiar patterns concept. In all of the concepts, we practiced interpreting representations of mathematical relationships when we looked at towers of numbers, letters, patterns, and pictures of T-shirts with geometric shapes.

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