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2.5: T-Shirt Mystery

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

T-Shirt Mystery - Reason Deductively

Students use clues to figure out who owns the T-shirt.

All clues are about the number of sides and corners of polygons pictured on T-shirts.

To begin the activity, cut out the four pictures for problem 1, and arrange them face-up, in a row in the order, A, B, C, D. (You may want to back them with cardboard to make them easier to handle.) After you read each, have students identify all pictures that match that clue. If a picture doesn’t match, turn it face down. When only one picture remains, have students describe the shapes on the T-shirt and point to and count the sides and corners of the polygon.


  1. D
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C

T-Shirt Mystery 1

Which T-shirt belongs to Lucy Goosie?

Clues: Lucy Goosie’s T-shirt has:

  • One square (excludes B)
  • A shape with 3 sides (excludes C)
  • One shape with exactly 5 corners (excludes A)

T-Shirt Mystery 2

Which T-shirt belongs to Edna Elephant?

Clues: Edna Elephant’s T-shirt has:

  • One shape with exactly 4 sides (excludes D)
  • Two shapes with 3 corners (excludes A)
  • Exactly one circle (excludes C)

T-Shirt Mystery 3

Which T-shirt belongs to Sam Snake?

Clues: Sam Snake’s T-shirt has:

  • Only one shape with exactly 5 corners (excludes D)
  • Only one shape with 4 sides (excludes C)
  • No triangles (excludes B)

T-Shirt Mystery 4

Which T-shirt belongs to Pansy Pelican?

Clues: Pansy Pelican’s T-shirt has:

  • Three shapes with exactly 4 sides (excludes A)
  • Two shapes with 6 corners (excludes D)
  • One circle (excludes B)

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