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1.2: Train Cars

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Train Cars - Complete Patterns

Teacher Notes

Students use crayons to color (or record letters) train cars, shown as squares, to complete patterns. Before beginning, have students describe what they see, that is name the colors in order. Then have them use crayons to color the train cars to match the letters. In all patterns, B stands for blue, R stands for red, and Y stands for yellow. Car trains always show Pentunia’s face as the train’s engine, the first car, and Ozzie’s face at the end, as the caboose. Once students have finished coloring the empty cars of the train, have them name the colors aloud in order to check that the pattern “sounds right.”

Depending on the pattern, students may be coloring squares near the end of the train to extend the pattern, or coloring squares that are within the pattern. In all patterns, there are three complete repeats of the same group of colors in order to establish the pattern before students have to color the cars.


Puzzle Pattern 1

R, B, Y, R

Puzzle Pattern 2

R, Y, Y

Puzzle Pattern 3

B, B, Y

Puzzle Pattern 4

R, B, Y

Puzzle Pattern 5

Y, R, R

Puzzle Pattern 6

R, Y, R, R, Y

Train Cars 1

Train Cars 2

Train Cars 3

Train Cars 4

Train Cars 5

Train Cars 6

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