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2.8: Stars and Moons

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Stars and Moons - Extend Patterns

Teaching Notes

Students identify patterns of stars and moons on three cards and make drawings on the next three cards to continue the pattern. Star patterns may differ from moon patterns. For example, the number of stars may remain constant while the number of moons increases by 1. To facilitate the drawing of stars and moons, suggest that students use an asterisk \begin{align*}(*)\end{align*}() to represent a star and the capital letter C to represent the moon.


Stars and Moons

\begin{aligned}& \mathbf{Describe:} && \text{There are} \ 6 \ \text{cards.}\\ &&& \text{Card} \ 1:2 \ \text{stars and} \ 1 \ \text{moon}\\ &&& \text{Card} \ 2:3 \ \text{stars and} \ 2 \ \text{moons}\\ &&& \text{Card} \ 3:4 \ \text{stars and} \ 3 \ \text{moons}\\ &&& \text{Card} \ 4,5 \ \text{and} \ 6 \ \text{are empty.}\\ & \mathbf{My \ Job:} && \text{Figure out the pattern.}\\ &&& \text{Make drawings on the empty cards.}\\ & \mathbf{Plan:} && \text{Look at the card numbers. Figure out the pattern of starts}\\ &&& \text{Look at the card numbers. Figure out the pattern of moons.}\\ &&& \text{Make the drawings.}\\ & \mathbf{Solve:}\end{aligned}

\begin{aligned}& \mathbf{Check:} && \text{The number of moons is always the same as the card number.}\\ &&& \text{The number of starts is one more than the moon number.}\end{aligned}

Stars and Moons 1

Stars and Moons 2

Stars and Moons 3

Stars and Moons 4

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Date Created:
Feb 23, 2012
Last Modified:
Apr 29, 2014
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