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4.19: Pictographs Extras

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Pictographs Keys - Interpret Pictographs Keys

Teacher Notes for Pictograph Keys

In this section, students are presented with pictographs but the key is not provided. By analyzing the FACT and the relationships supplied by the pictograph, students deduce the value of the key.


  1. 2; There are 3 fewer symbols after Gary’s name than after Ellen’s name. The FACT tells us that Gary has 6 fewer stuffed animals than Ellen. So 3 symbols equal 6 animals. Each symbol stands for 6÷3, or 2 stuffed animals.
  2. 4; There are 4 more symbols after Kent’s name than after Leroy’s name. The FACT tells us that Kent has 16 more fish than Leroy. So 4 symbols equal 16 fish. Each symbol stands for 16÷4, or 4 fish.
  3. 10; There are 4 fewer symbols after Ned’s name than after Patty’s name. The FACT tells us that Ned has 40 fewer stickers than Patty. So 4 symbols equal 40 stickers. Each symbol stands for 40÷4, or 10 stickers.

Try these.

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