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1.6: Using Clues

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Using Clues - Deductive Reasoning

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Students are shown three pictures and clues to identify the character being described.

To conduct this activity, cut out each picture and mount it on cardboard. Place the three pictures in the order indicated by the letters on the bottom left of each picture, A, B, C. After reading the first clue, point to each picture and ask if the picture matches the clue. If it does, leave it in the same position. If it does not match, remove it from view. Read the second clue, and follow the same “matching” procedure. When there is only one picture left, have students tell you about the remaining picture matching the items and number of items as described in the clues.

Mr. Rippledandy has a hat.

He is wearing eyeglasses.

Who is Mr. Rippledandy?

(Face C)

Peter Palooka’s pumpkin has a triangle nose.

Peter’s pumpkin has a mouth.

Which pumpkin is Peter Palooka’s pumpkin?

(Pumpkin B)

Mr. Liketysplitity’s Umbrella has 2 circles.

It has one triangle.

Which umbrella is Mr. Liketysplitity’s umbrella?

(Umbrella A)

Mr. Bobbity’s Book has 1 snake on the cover.

His book has 3 spiders on the cover.

Which book is Mr. Bobbity’s book?

(Book A)

Anna’s Balloon has one dot.

Her balloon has 4 stars.

Which balloon is Anna’s balloon?

(Balloon B)

Mrs. Starglitter’s Purse has 2 stripes.

Her purse has 5 squares.

Which purse is Mrs. Starglitter’s purse?

(Purse C)

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