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5.18: Pictographs

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Pictographs - Interpret Pictographs

Teacher Notes for Pictographs

Students learn to interpret mathematical relationships shown in pictographs and solve problems using the pictograph data. For each problem, the key showing the one-to-many relationship is provided and students compute actual numbers of objects from the symbols.


  1. 24; There are 4 fewer symbols after Sam’s name than after Wendy’s name, so Sam has 4 \times 6, or 24 fewer pencils than Wendy.
  2. 36; There are 4 more symbols after Ralph’s name than after Vince’s name, so Ralph has 4 \times 9, or 36 more markers than Vince.
  3. 40; There are 5 fewer symbols after Karen’s name than after James’ name, so Karen has 5 \times 8, or 40 fewer pens than James.

<ART: Draw a notebook for each of the symbols shown>

Try these. Tell how you figured out the differences.

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