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5.19: Pictographs Extras

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Extras for Experts - Pictographs – Interpret Pictographs

Try these. Tell how you figured out the differences.


  1. 9; There are 3 more symbols after Kyle’s name than after Jan’s name. Each symbol stands for 3 board games, so Kyle has 3×3, or 9 more board games than Jan.
  2. 20; There are 4 more symbols after Olya’s name than after Nat’s name. Each symbol stands for 5 puzzles, so Olya has 4×5, or 20 more puzzles than Nat.
  3. 40; There are 4 fewer symbols after Vinny’s name than after Toni’s name. Each symbol stands for 10 blocks, so Vinny has 4×10, or 40 fewer blocks than Toni.
  4. 8; There are 2 more symbols after Bea’s name than after Dawn’s name. Each symbol stands for 4 toy cars, so Bea has 2×4, or 8 more toy cars than Dawn.
  5. 6; There are 3 fewer symbols after Sue’s name than after Tara’s name. Each symbol stands for 2 golf balls, so Sue has 3×2, or 6 fewer golf balls than Tara.
  6. 60; There are 3 more symbols after Hap’s name than after Gus’s name. Each symbol stands for 20 marbles, so Hap has 3×20, or 60 more marbles than Gus.

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