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7.11: XYZ Extras

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Extras for Experts XYZ - Solve Systems of Equations


  1. x=5, y=4, z=6
  2. x=5, y=9, z=6
  3. x=7, y=6, z=9
  4. x=8, y=7, z=6

Eric wrote these equations to represent pictures of scales with blocks. Figure out the value of each unknown.

1.y+y+z+z=20x= x+x+y=14  y= x+x+y+z=20   z=

2.x+x+y+z=25x= x+y+y=23y= x+y+z=20z=

3.x+y+z+z=31 x= x+y+z=22y= x+z=16  z=

4.x+y+z=21x= x+x+y+z=29 y= y+y+z=20z=

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