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9.11: Fruit Confusion

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Fruit Confusion – Reason Proportionally

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In each problem, students are presented with a box of fruit labeled with it weight or cost, and a sign giving the cost for one or more pounds of the fruit or the cost of two or more pieces of the fruit. The pieces of fruit are of the same type (eg., all bananas) and are countable. Students use a proportion to figure out the average weight or cost of one piece of fruit. Students may use calculators for the computations.


  1. , so is about $0.83. One orange is or about $0.14.
  2. , so , the cost of 1.5 pounds. The cost of one pound is , or $3.60.
  3. 0.7 pounds; , so pounds. One grapefruit weighs , or about 0.7 pounds.
  4. , so , and .

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