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11.10: Chapter 11 Test

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  1. Describe each type of visual display presented in this chapter. State one advantage and one disadvantage for each type of visual display.
  2. Graph \begin{align*}f(x)=7+\sqrt{x-4}\end{align*}f(x)=7+x4. State its domain and range. What is the ordered pair of the origin?
  3. True or false? The upper quartile is the mean of the upper half of the data.
  4. What is the domain restriction of \begin{align*}y=\sqrt[4]{x}\end{align*}?
  5. Solve \begin{align*}-6=2\sqrt[3]{c+5}\end{align*}.
  6. Simplify \begin{align*}\frac{4}{\sqrt{48}}\end{align*}.
  7. Simplify and reduce: \begin{align*}\sqrt[3]{3} \times \sqrt[3]{81}\end{align*}.
  8. A square baking dish is 8 inches by 8 inches. What is the length of the diagonal? What is the area of a piece cut from corner to opposite corner?
  9. The following data consists of the weights, in pounds, of 24 high school students: 195, 206, 100, 98, 150, 210, 195, 106, 195, 108, 180, 212, 104, 195, 100, 216, 99, 206, 116, 142, 100, 135, 98, 160.
    1. Display this information in a box plot, a stem-and-leaf plot, and a histogram with a bin width of 10.
    2. Which graph seems to be the best method to display this data?
    3. Are there any outliers?
    4. List three conclusions you can make about this data.
  10. Find the distance between (5, –9) and (–6, –2).
  11. The coordinates of Portland, Oregon are (43.665, 70.269). The coordinates of Miami, Florida are (25.79, 80.224).
    1. Find the distance between these two cities.
    2. What are the coordinates of the town that represents the halfway mark?
  12. The Beaufort Wind Scale is used by coastal observers to estimate the wind speed. It is given by the formula \begin{align*}s^2=3.5B^3\end{align*}, where \begin{align*}s=\end{align*} the wind speed (in knots) and \begin{align*}B=\end{align*} the Beaufort value.
    1. Find the Beaufort value for a 26-knot wind.
    2. What is the wind speed of a severe storm with a gale wind of 50 knots?
  13. Find the two possibilities for a coordinate ten units away from (2, 2).
  14. Use the following data obtained from the American Veterinary Medical Association. It states the number of households per 1,000 with particular exotic animals.
    1. Find the mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation.
    2. Are there any outliers? What effect does this have on the mean and range?
(in 1,000)
Fish 9,036
Ferrets 505
Rabbits 1,870
Hamsters 826
Guinea Pigs 628
Gerbils 187
Other Rodents 452
Turtles 1,106
Snakes 390
Lizards 719

http://www.avma.org/reference/marketstat 1

Texas Instruments Resources

In the CK-12 Texas Instruments Algebra I FlexBook, there are graphing calculator activities designed to supplement the objectives for some of the lessons in this chapter. See http://www.ck12.org/flexr/chapter/9621.

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