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4.10: Chapter 4 Test

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Give the location of the following ordered pairs using the graph below.

  1. Graph .
  2. Find the slope between –3, 5) and (–1.25, –2.25).
  3. Find the intercepts of .
  4. In 2004, the high school graduation rate in the state of New Jersey was 86.3%. In 2008, the high school graduation rate in New Jersey was 84.6%. Determine the average rate of change. Use this information to make a conclusion regarding the graduation rate in New Jersey (source: http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2010/2010341.pdf).
  5. Identify the slope and intercept of .
  6. Identify the slope and intercept of .
  7. Graph .
  8. Graph the line containing (3, 5) and (3, –7). What type of line have you created?
  9. The number of cups of milk is directly proportional to the number of quarts. If 26 quarts yields 104 cups of milk, how many cups of milk is 2.75 quarts?
  10. Graph the direct variation situation using the table below:

  1. varies directly as when . Find when .
  2. ; find
  3. Are these lines parallel? and
  4. Mixture has a 2% hydrogen solution and mixture has a 1.5% hydrogen solution. How much of mixture needs to be added to 6 ounces of mixture to obtain a value of 0.51?

Texas Instruments Resources

In the CK-12 Texas Instruments Algebra I FlexBook, there are graphing calculator activities designed to supplement the objectives for some of the lessons in this chapter. See http://www.ck12.org/flexr/chapter/9614.

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