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Basic Speller Student Materials

Difficulty Level: Basic Created by: CK-12
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Table of Contents

  • 1.

    Student 01-Lesson 1-24

    Learn and practice vowel and consonant letters and sounds. Learn, use, and practice matrices. Long and short vowel sounds are covered.

  • 2.

    Student 01-Lesson 25-48

    This chapter discusses: matrix patterns VCV, VCC, CVC; suffixes; compound words; and twinning. Consonants and their sounds are also reviewed.

  • 3.

    Student 02-Lesson 1-24

    This chapter covers consonant sounds, suffixes -ed, -ing, and s, pronunciations of suffix -ed, compound words, a review of long and short vowel patterns, and silent e.

  • 4.

    Student 02-Lesson 25-48

    This chapter covers using -s versus -es, practicing plural suffixes, consonant sounds, compounds, and the prefix Re-.

  • 5.

    Student 03-Lesson 1-24

    Review of letters, vowel sounds, patterns, elements, simple addition, compound words, twinning, and final e deletion. New topics such as the word stem, vowel sound schwa, strong and weak vowel sounds, and combinations ks and kw are introduced.

  • 6.

    Student 03-Lesson 25-48

    This chapter introduces the prefix Dis-, soft and hard <c> and <g>, bound stems and bases, and twinning in longer words. The review covers vowel letters and patterns, VCC and VCV, and deleting silent <e>.

  • 7.

    Student 04-Lesson 1-24

    This chapter covers twinning in longer Words, review of long and short vowel patterns, suffixes -ist, -est, and -ize, diphthongs, the prefix ad-, and more about the silent final <e>.

  • 8.

    Student 04-Lesson 25-48

    Practice with t: spelled tt, verbs That end With t, and unusual spellings of t. Also covered in this chapter are the prefix sub -, review of stems, and suffixes: -en, -ful, -less, -ly, and -y.

  • 9.

    Student 05-Lesson 1-24

    This chapter reviews topics such as simple addition, twinning, and assimilation. New topics introduced are spelling ū and long 'oo,' homophones, prefixes ex-, ob-, and dis-, bound bases, words with bb and dd, and suffixes -ness and -ment.

  • 10.

    Student 05-Lesson 25-48

    This chapter covers words spelled with d or ed, digraph spellings of long o, the VCC pattern, review of m, n, and ŋ, unusual spellings, apostrophes in contractions, contractions with homophones, and prefixes non-, under-, over-, and counter-.

  • 11.

    Student 06-Lesson 1-24

    This chapter covers final e deletion in ve stems, long i, the suffix -ive, prefixes inter- and sur-, r spelled rr, wr, and sometimes rh, bound bases, homophones affect vs. effect and accept vs. except, and sounds of a before ll.

  • 12.

    Student 06-Lesson 25-48

    This chapter covers sounds of o Before ll, spelling i, long e spelled i or y, digraph spellings of long e, i before e rule, spelling ā and Ī, prefix dis - and assimilation, spellings using g, and review of long vowel sounds.

  • 13.

    Student 07-Lesson 1-24

    Review of prefixes, bases, suffixes, stems, simple addition, twinning, final e deletion, assimilation, vowel and consonant patterns, k spelled c, ck, and k, and suffixes -ance and -ence.

  • 14.

    Student 07-Lesson 25-48

    This chapter introduces suffixes -ic, -al, -ial, -ual, -ed, -ing, and -ly, -ion adverbs, homophones and near-homophones, and sh spelled c, sc, ss, and s.

  • 15.

    Student 08-Lesson 1-24

    This chapter introduces spellings and uses of s, the suffix -ity, VCV and the third vowel rule, the set of bound bases ceive, cept, miss, and mit, the set of bases duce, duct, cede, ceed, and cess.

  • 16.

    Student 08-Lesson 25-48

    This chapter covers ways to spell f, suffixes -ity, -ety, and -ty, free bases scribe and script, suffixes -age, -able, and -ible, how to spell ch and w, and review of consonant sounds, bound and free bases, suffixes, and VCV shortening rules.

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Difficulty Level:
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
Date Created:
Feb 23, 2012
Last Modified:
Aug 17, 2016
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