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1.13: The Consonant Sound [b]

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The Consonant Sound [b]

1. Underline the letters that spell the sound [b] in the following words:


2. Now sort the words into these two groups. Be careful! One word goes into both groups:

3. Two ways of spelling the sound [b] are _______ and _______.

4. Two ways of spelling the sound [p] are _______ and _______. Did you remember the pointed brackets?

Word Squares. All of the seventeen words below contain the sounds [p] or [b]. Fit the words into the squares. Count letters carefully and try to think ahead about your choices. Start with those words about which you can be absolutely sure:

Two-letter word: be

Three-letter words: pop, apt, lap, pit

Four-letter words: upon, stop, herb, rubs, nobs

Five-letter words: below, happy

Six-letter words: before, crabby, people

Seven-letter word: bubbles

Ten-letter word: helicopter

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