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1.14: Lesson Fourteen

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The Consonant Sound [t]

1. You can hear the sound [t] at the front and end of the word toot. Underline the letters that spell [t]:

& \text{about} && \text{after} && \text{better} && \text{account} \\& \text{country} && \text{perfect} && \text{didn't} &&  \text{different} \\& \text{itself} && \text{great} && \text{kitten} && \text{bottle} \\& \text{starter} && \text{little} && \text{rabbit} && \text{sister} \\& \text{vote} && \text{today} && \text{fruit} && \text{setting} \\& \text{hotter} && \text{bottom} && \text{until} && \text{cannot}

2. Now sort the words into these two groups:

3. Two ways of spelling the sound [t] are _______ and _______.

4. Underline the letters that spell [t], [p], and [b]:

& \text{surprise} && \text{important} && \text{help} && \text{appear} \\& \text{about} && \text{hobby} && \text{because} && \text{bridge} \\& \text{prevent} && \text{between} &&  \text{spaghetti} && \text{ribbon}

5. Sort the words into these three groups:




9. Two ways of spelling [p] are _______ and _______.

10. Two ways of spelling [b] are _______ and _______.

11. Two ways of spelling [t] are _______ and _______.

Word Pyramids. In a Word Pyramid you pile shorter words on top of longer ones to form a pyramid. We give you the bottom and longest word. Your job is to take one letter away from that word and rearrange the letters to form a new word that is one letter shorter than the one below it.You keep doing that until you get to the top.

In the Word Pyramid below, each word must contain the sound [t] spelled <t>. The only three-letter word you can make out of vote is toe, which does contain <t> and goes right above vote. The only two-letter word you can make from toe is to. The only one-letter word with <t>, is T, which is short for “tee shirt” and is also used in the phrase, “My new bicycle suits me to a T.” Thus, the filled-out Pyramid would look like the following:

In the Pyramid below, you can make more than one four-letter word that contains [t] spelled <t>: rate, tear, and gate. Either one of them could go right above great in the Pyramid. Here is one solution. What other solution can you think of? Remember that each word must contain the sound [t] spelled <t>:

Here is another Pyramid with words that contain [t] spelled <t>:

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