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1.17: Matrixes

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12


1. A matrix can help you sort out sounds and letters. A matrix looks like a big square divided up into smaller squares, like this:

2. A matrix has columns and rows.

Columns run up and down on the page — like the stone columns in front of a big building.

Rows run across the page — like a row of people on a bench.

So we can label our matrix this way:

3. We can also number the little squares:

4. Squares #1 and #2 make up the top row. Which two squares make up the bottom row? _______ and _______

5. Squares #1 and #3 make up the left column. Which two squares make up the right column? ____ and ____

6. The left column and the top row overlap in Square #1. In what square do the left column and the bottom row overlap? _______

7. What column and row overlap in square #4? _______ column and _______ row

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